Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Freezer Cooking

I wanted to try OAMC (once a month cooking) but lack of freezer space and time quickly soured that idea. So I decided to try freezer cooking instead. I finished with about 2 weeks worth of dinners and 6 loaves of banana bread for snacks and breakfasts. Most of this was accomplished on Saturday. Here is a quick break down of what I made:

      1. Black Bean Soup (2 Batches)
      2. King Ranch Casserole (2 Batches)
      3. Chicken Enchiladas
      4. Tamale Corn Casserole
      5. Red Beans and Rice (2 Batches)
      6. Pinto Beans (2 Batches)
      7. Pork Satay (2 Batches)
      8. Shredded BBQ Pork for sandwiches (2 Batches)
      9. Shredded Carne Asada (2 Batches)
I wanted to make a great spaghetti recipe, but halfway through cooking the pasta, I realized it had been invaded by those darn pasta bugs. Any ideas how to get rid of and prevent these little beasts?

My Kitchen!! What a mess!


Here is a picture of one of my helpers chopping and sampling:

And this is the look I was getting all day from my kitchen window.

If any of these meals sound yummy, let me know and I will post the recipes .
Happy Freezer Day!!!


Anonymous said...

The chicken enchaladas and tamale corn casserole sound yummie! The recipes would be wonderful!! Thanks!

Angie said...

Hope all is well. Noticed that you haven't been on in a while!! Hope you are all ok. :0)